1. ring o fire's Avatar
    So what seems like an eternity ago I was given my first iPod. Upon getting that iPod I needed tunes in my car, so I bought a FM Transmitter. This was compatible with a iPod nano 2nd generation, I believe. Recently I picked up the sweet deal on the 3GS for 49 dollars. So I loaded it up with music and the next day on the way to work I plugged it into my FM transmitter in my car. I got a message that read:

    This Accessory is Not
    Optimized for this iPhone

    You may experience noise caused
    by cellular interference and a
    decrease in cellular signal strength.

    So I assumed that a little inference of my sweet tunes was not a big deal or anything. Until the phone just restarted itself. I was worried but my phone doesn't seem effected by the transmitter.

    So my question here is what do I do? I have used the sync cable to plug into the transmitter and it charges fine, it just wont play music through the transmitter. Can I just get a new cable that will allow me to play music through the transmitter? Any help would be appreciated.

    And I would have posted pics of said transmitter and the message but I need to post a bit more before tipb will let me.

    Thanks again.
    05-21-2011 01:34 PM
  2. toomanyphones's Avatar
    Since I first got an iPod and later iPhones. I must have gone through 10 or 12 of these fm transmitter. Some has less static than some, but they all work poorly in the city. Some worked until Apple does an update and you get the message. Some will work as before and some will transmit but not charge and a couple won't work at all. Best bet is to go to Best Buy and try it and see what works best with your car.
    05-21-2011 04:56 PM