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    I upgraded my iPhone 4 to the latest OS yesterday. I had a problem that resulted in having to reinstall the OS, wipe all apps and reinstall all (I have about 150).

    They do not end up organized the same way and I suspect that the latest apps I added were not included in the reinstall.

    is there a way to develop an "inventory" that I can keep in another place, one that I could use for a reinstall inventory, or to see how best to organize into folders, etc.

    I only found one post on another forum that gave me one hint - all the apps have an *.ipa extension on my PC.

    I found them all, but the best I could do was to create a picture of the file list, nothing that I could manipulate in some way.

    I use Win XP but have access to other OS's.

    05-07-2011 06:43 PM