1. eklenken's Avatar
    I just noticed that only one of the speakers is working on the phone.

    What I did was cover one speaker with my finger and noticed the other wasn't working. On my phone it is the left speaker (left when looking at the screen.)

    Is that how it should be or should both of them be working?

    I have to ask since I am still tryingto learn the phone.
    05-07-2011 05:51 PM
  2. moneymike47's Avatar
    If you're looking at the front of your phone, the speaker on the right is actually a speaker, but what you see on the left is actually the mic for your phone. I thought the same thing at first.
    05-07-2011 06:01 PM
  3. eklenken's Avatar
    Thank you!!
    05-07-2011 06:07 PM
  4. JasonG's Avatar
    i love these threads. mainly because i thought the same thing at first too lol
    05-07-2011 07:45 PM
  5. Fausty82's Avatar
    38 ... 38 ... 38 ... 38 ...
    05-07-2011 08:00 PM