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    As you can tell from the title of my post i am having serious trouble with my iphone. It is jailbroken on FW 4.2.6. i've owned every iphone and had every one jailbroken, however this is a first for me.

    So in essence, I wanted to get rid of my current 4.2.6 jailbreak updating the software but itunes told me i'm not eligible for the requested build. Last Night, I tried wiping the phone completely, and would try again when complete. Instead, my Iphone got stuck at the apple logo without ever rebooting. This has forced me to go into DFU mode, and i have not been able to get the phone to turn on since. Itunes is again telling me the phone can't be restored because it "isn't eligible for the requested build." Fine, Let's try something else.

    I tried re jailbreaking the device using greenp0ison, in hopes i can at least get the phone to turn on. While it acted like the jailbreak was working initially, ultimately the lines of code on my phone that appear during the jailbreak said no successful firmware found, giving up. Terrific.

    I'm really hoping that someone here can please give me some help as i'm completely flustered. Considering i can get the phone in DFU mode i'm thinking there has to be a way i can reverse this somehow. On top of this going to apple is not an option for me due to the jailbreak logo that keeps appearing on my device when i reboot into DFU. I'm fairly certain they won't help me, however i need them to, because my speakerphone is blown. (keeps getting better, i know). All this being said, I would like to just restore removing the jailbreak if possible, i've never heard of anyone getting denied from DFU mode to upgrade the software removing the jailbreak? I can't seem to understand why I am having this issue? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me, it's truly appreciated...
    05-07-2011 07:35 AM
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    I doubt anyone will have the answer here. I've been searching for hours on end and not one person has had a viable solution. I called apple support. He said they would not turn me away bc of a jailbreak so I made an appointment at the apple store. If they can't fix I will just have the phone replaced.

    Goodbye jailbreaking though (hate to see it go). I love the possibilities it gives you, but if they can't make it stable (which they have yet to do), it's not worth my time...
    05-07-2011 10:45 AM
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    The Genius Bar should have a means of "force feeding" an OS on to your device...
    05-07-2011 10:50 AM