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    **Please Read**This is the FULL version of the game and comes with its own awards and achievements. iAds have been included but do NOT appear on the game play screen or the awards screen. When the game first starts ads are shown but can be skipped. These only appear the once and not shown again when game is restarted.

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    Come and join the Battle - Join thousands of Po'Trubian Defenders!

    Previously Listed iTunes Games New and Noteworthy & Featured Game**

    Po'Trubia Needs YOU! Sign Up and join the battle...A highly addictive and very challenging game.

    Take control of Stan (STatic Alien Neutraliser) to defend the last Po’Trubian world from the evil Sleevils.

    He's a rusty and battered retired robot but still packs a punch when he's called back to duty by the gentle Po'Trubians.

    This game starts gently but don't fall into that trap - Oh no, the Sleevils will get very tough, quickly and will do everything to destroy you and then the Po'Trubians. Stan gets many weapon and feature upgrades but use them wisely or you'll be without them when a new Sleevil comes along..

    This is what you'll face:

    2 x games modes available to the player:
    1.Campaign – 20 Levels with a Sleevil Boss to defeat at the end of each 5th Level. In this mode weapons are released as the player progresses through the 20 Levels.
    2.Survival – None stop game play until Stan is defeated. Tip: Only those weapons and features released in the Campaign Mode will be available in Survival Mode.
    To aid the defense Stan will have many powerful weapons to use against the 9 different Sleevil types and 4 Bosses. Tip: Each Weapon will have a different destructive impact on each Sleevil type.

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