1. BuckeyeBrad's Avatar
    Is there a way to BCC every email to just one of my email accounts? I have found that I can do this for all of them but I have not found a way to BCC for just my work email. Any ideas?

    04-26-2011 08:22 AM
  2. Libuff's Avatar
    no. its a global option for any emails.. not per account
    04-26-2011 09:01 AM
  3. BuckeyeBrad's Avatar
    That what I thought. Thanks for confirmation.
    04-26-2011 09:05 AM
  4. Massie's Avatar
    I wouldn't be surprised, though, if you could set that up in your mail settings. In other words, just because it's not a feature ON the iphone doesn't mean you can't do it, you just might have to set it up in the actual mail program, be it Gmail, Hotmail, etc.
    04-26-2011 11:07 AM