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    Soo... I finally got an iPhone after being a hardcore Droid fanboy since the OG DROID. I still have my T-Bolt and I have the iPhone as my secondary personal line, but right now if the iPhone could be a 4G Hotspot it would probably be my only phone. Right now I'm really digging the interface, music player and no more bad apps/force closes. Of course since I'm new to the iPhone community I have some general/newb questions
    1. Jailbreak or not
    2. Best apps
    3. Tips and tricks
    4. Any other favorite iPhone sites (tipb is number one for me right now but I need more)

    Now lastly please accept my humblest apology for ever dissing the iPhone and other Mac products. I was mistaken and now can completely understand why so many people like the phone.
    04-24-2011 09:01 PM
  2. soulfetcher13's Avatar
    Welcome. The answers to your questions are really up to you. That said,

    1. I say yes others say stock. Did you root your droids?? Have you rooted your thunderbolt yet?? Just the process is much easier to jailbreak than it is to root and you get similar results.
    2. Bite sms, mywi, winterboard, sbsettings etc. Check out the must have jailbreak apps in this website and it will get you started nicely

    Others and i'm still new to the iphone myself. Hope this helps a bit and welcome again.
    04-24-2011 10:02 PM
  3. anon(39328)'s Avatar
    ^^ Welcome Trev. Looks like we joined the dark side at about the same time. I was a former happy Dinc user, and OG Droid before that for a short time. I'm also very impressed with the iphone so far, but wanted to straighten up one thing you said. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise... There are more than a few bad apps in the app store too. Only difference is that they won't give you any indication that something wrong happened... you'll just get dumped back to your home screen. I've seen this happen several times over the past few days while trying out a few apps from the app store.
    04-24-2011 11:26 PM
  4. cjdaniel's Avatar
    Hello, I too went to the dark side last week. I did a 3 month nightmare with iphone 3G and ATT, long ago. But I must say I am very happy so far with iP4. I am test driving a IP4-32GB-Vzn and I am very satisfied. Night and day difference over previous iP. I have not had a dropped call yet. I am coming from a Day One Pre owner, which I love the OS (not that its better, it's personal). I just am tired of the long in the tooth hardware and promises.

    The thing I love most about the Ip4 is the integration of apps between my iPad 2. I had an iPad one and loved it and now have iPad 2 and it is very awesome. I love apps.

    I am very thankful for an incredible Precentral group of Homebrewers (whom I contributed to often) and happy meet a new group of innovators.

    I am buying my phones on Craigslist to avoid ETF when iP5 comes out.
    04-25-2011 03:06 AM
  5. ajonesma's Avatar
    Welcome to the dark side! well not so much dark as just plain old better
    04-25-2011 06:31 AM
  6. Laurieg's Avatar
    Jail break, jail break!!!.........lol
    Okay I just had mine jail broken and I'm loving it :P Plus I'm easily amused, so I may not be the best person to ask
    04-25-2011 06:57 AM
  7. brokenartist's Avatar
    Trevs if you like the way the iPhone is now wait until you jailbreak it and unleash its other side of coolness. I definitely say JAILBREAK.

    Best Apps are really hard all depends on what you like. I know whenever I jailbreak my phone I do the 5-icon dock, 5-icon switcher and 5-column grid.

    Tips and tricks.....lame answer by me but read the forums lol.

    This is the only forum you need for the iPhone.
    04-25-2011 10:22 AM

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