1. reesrk8's Avatar
    What is the best (most stable) version of ios 4 for iphone 4?
    Like battery useage and features.
    Personally, 4.2.1 seems to be the most stable

    04-24-2011 02:04 PM
  2. thenewmaster2012's Avatar
    Unless your device is jailbroken, Always upgrade to the newest version.
    04-24-2011 02:42 PM
  3. MrLeQuack's Avatar
    I have never had any problems with any of the versions, so yeah, i guess always upgrade to the newest version!
    04-29-2011 04:47 PM
  4. markhunsaker's Avatar
    I haven't found a version that is superior...I usually do upgrade to the newest OS because of the small features they offer. I have jailbroken on several different firmwares (I did prefer the one you could jb using the .pdf exploit). It was so easy to go to JailbreakMe. SO EASY!
    04-29-2011 05:17 PM
  5. ajonesma's Avatar
    Ahh I LOVED jailbreakme.com that was my favorite method of jailbreaking
    04-29-2011 05:39 PM
  6. Garz's Avatar
    I prefer 4.2.1
    04-29-2011 06:45 PM
  7. grunt0300's Avatar
    I prefer 4.3.2. Better battery life.
    04-29-2011 09:39 PM