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    i have a verizon iphone. I cannot see when I have an incoming call. I used many different phones to call my number and everytime i call, the 3G indicator on the top goes away but nothing else happens. Then it will say i have a missed call. I can not see who is calling me only after they hang up and it shows that i have a missed call. Just started happening today. its weird because when i use another phone to call my phone i can tell i'm supposed to get a call because the 3G sign will disappear and come right back after i hang up the call. And another thing is that i can make outgoing calls, email, internet, sms and everything else perfectly fine.

    verizon iphone 32gb 4.2.6 jailbreak green poison
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    04-20-2011 11:18 PM
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    Try reloading the firmware (restore in itunes as a brand new iphone) if that doesnt solve your problems, then take it to an Apple Store if possible.
    04-21-2011 07:47 AM
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    there is no ring, change of screen, vibrate or anything else when a incoming call comes.

    iphone 4.2.6 jailbreak greenpoison
    04-21-2011 10:38 AM

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