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    Originally Posted by mianahmad
    TinyUmbrella updated to 4.32.01 which supports ios 4.3.2 (GSM) and 4.2.7 (CDMA)

    How do I get tinyumbrella to work exactly to jailbreak my phone using 4.2.7. Is there any instructions for 4.2.7 anywhere.
    04-22-2011 08:15 AM
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    hopefully you are correct, will try again later. I even tried on a mac and pc and still had the problem.

    I tried these steps also, posted a little earlier in the thread:

    Steps to downgrade from 4.2.7 to 4.2.6.

    Step 1: Make sure you have your SHSH blobs saved. A way to check this is to download TinyUmbrella, connect your iPhone to your computer, and then once it recognizes your phone, click Save SHSH blobs. It will then verify if you have them saved in the log description.

    Step 2: Download the 4.2.6 ipsw file. There are links all over if you just search Google.

    Step 3: Open iTunes and put your phone in DFU mode. Then, hold down the shift key and press restore (hold down alt key for Mac users). Then find where you have your firmware saved and select 4.2.6. iTunes will then ask you to press restore.

    Step 4: iTunes will restore 4.2.6 on your phone, and here is where you might get the 1013 error, which makes your phone stuck in recovery mode.

    Step 5: Download Greenpoison rc6.1. Put your phone back in DFU mode and then run Greenpoison to jailbreak your phone.

    After greenpoison does its thing, your phone should boot back up with 4.2.6 installed and you will be jailbroken.
    JUST FOLLOWED THESE STEPS AND DOWNGRADED BACK TO 4.2.6 FROM 4.2.7!! JUST FOLLOW THEM CORRECTLY TOOK ABOUT 10MINS!! sorry about all caps Im just happy im back to being jailbroken
    04-27-2011 02:20 PM
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