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    I have been having trouble all day.

    Called support, she said there is no troubles in yourn area (not a miss-spelling, she was hard to understand).

    So since nothing is wrong let's just stay on the phone and go through all of the basics, (those that I already did).

    "Hmmmm" do you have another phone to test it on?" No you *****, I paid $400.00 for this one, no one mentioned that I would need another phone to go with it.

    Ok go to the Att Store, get a new Sim card and try that. No you moron, the phone now says it has no service, why don't you try and call me on it since it has no service, "Ok hold on while I use another line" (OMG I am ready to scream at this point).

    She comes back and asks if it was ringing. I did not answer.

    I then asked her to check if there is an outage, like I did in the beginning of the call, "please hold" "Hi, I'm back, there is a problem reported in your area with the type of 3G device that you current have, we have a trouble ticket (TT000018752990 if you need it).

    Oh so the first question I asked was is there trouble in the area. Maybe listen to your customers before you start trying to read what to do.

    04-11-2011 04:08 PM