1. csal80's Avatar
    Hi, am wondering about the effect of leaving apps open on data usage as I have AT&T and obviously have to be mindful of the data I am using in a month. It is a pain to close apps all the time and to my knowledge there is no app that can just kill them all in one punch. Do you know if leaving them open in the background will use data?

    03-26-2011 10:29 AM
  2. Mk4Jetta's Avatar
    The programs aren't really running in the background, only somethin like pandora would use data while in the background. I wouldn't bother closing other apps.
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    03-26-2011 10:38 AM
  3. Garz's Avatar
    This isn't Android. You don't need to kill all apps. As Jetta stated above, unless it's Pandora or something like that then there is no data being used while in the background. You are fine.
    03-26-2011 10:45 AM
  4. AStranger's Avatar
    There are some apps that will use data in the background - I know pocket informant will do syncs with google and toodledo when running in the background.

    I wouldn't worry much about it since those apps won't use a big chunk of data and won't be constantly using it.
    03-26-2011 11:16 AM