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    I hope someone has an answer for any of the following, I looked all over (Google, and thread search here and every other forum I know of with no apparent solution)

    I message groups a lot and was wondering if there is there any way to:

    1. Name a group (ie. Work, Friends, Family etc.) but not just in the contact list because you still have to choose each contact individually from those groups. I would like for that group name to be the one appearing in BiteSMS as the thread name for an SMS conversation rather than for ex.: Julia, Mark, Joseph, Maria & etc. (I am talking about a tweak that integrates this rather than a standalone app) So a new SMS to a group could be just 1. Click New Message 2. Press + sign to add contact 3. Add group "Work" as contact 4. Send SMS to group "Work" (This group of course includes my 5 coworkers)

    2. Assign a picture to a group. Since biteSMS has a way to show contact pics in the SMS thread list, the group SMS I send always have a blank pic compared to all the other individual contacts. (yes I am anal like that lol )

    3. AT&T has the possibility to turn Group Messaging on in the Settings App, therefore I know its possible. My iPhone 4 runs on Fido (Canada) and does not have that setting. Is there any JB tweak out yet that would allow me to see everyones responses in the same thread when I group text, rather than receiving individual SMS replies from everyone I texted??

    03-23-2011 11:37 PM