1. kevandness1960's Avatar
    i dropped my phone (i phone 3) and broke the screen, replaced it followwing instructions and now phone shows out of sync, has anyone any ideas ?
    03-20-2011 04:43 AM
  2. xalittlegirlx's Avatar
    I had someone I found on craigslist fix my iphone3G when it broke and when I turned it on after it was just like before. (I did have a backup on iTunes just in case)

    what kind of issue are you speaking about, maybe a little more information will help us help you
    03-21-2011 06:28 PM
  3. licaiyuan's Avatar
    I am sorry to hear that ,I think you should take it to the shop and check what is something wrong with your phone .And if still keep the warranty ,you can maintain it in shop where you bought it.
    03-22-2011 05:36 AM
  4. pinkrose398's Avatar
    Is it on warranty? always check with the apple store, they have amazing customer service (as we all prolly already know =D)
    03-23-2011 12:24 AM
  5. MiPi's Avatar
    I read once that you can buy repair kits - ithought I found some informations on YouTube
    04-15-2011 05:37 PM