1. douglaswilson's Avatar
    This may be in the wrong place but I have a question that I don't know where to post. On the Crackberry site i can post something and when I get a reply it comes to me automatically in a text message. That does not seem to work on this site. If I am doing something wrong I hope it is not too foolish! Thanks.
    03-12-2011 07:20 PM
  2. markhunsaker's Avatar
    You can subscribe to any given thread.
    03-12-2011 11:48 PM
  3. d0ster's Avatar
    You can try setting up your email as yournumber@vzwpix.com on the forum user controls. Im not too sure about this as I have only accesed tipb through tapatalk and not sure if the user controls offer email notification for replies.
    03-15-2011 02:02 AM