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    Im sure some people already know this but I just figured out what I think is a good way to manage photos on your phone.

    It needs to be done through itunes and image capture ( sorry PC people im sure its similar but not sure )

    This is done on my Macbook...

    1st I create a folder called iphone master

    Within this folder I create a folder called iphone pics

    Then I create as many folders as I desire ie : kids , work, fish, family etc..

    All folders reside in the iphone master folder not in the i phone pics folder

    I then put the desired photos in there respective folders

    I set my settings in itunes to not auto sync when plugged in.

    Plug phone into laptop

    Open image capture and copy all the photos in camera roll to the folder named i phone pics.

    Then open itunes and select your device then select the photo button on the top right next to the TV shows button

    Check off sync photos from ,select drop down menu and select choose folder

    Make sure you select the radio button that says all folders and check include videos

    Map to the folder called iphone master dont open it, just highlight it

    Press select

    You can then choose the all folders button or select folders button and choose your content

    Press Apply

    ***The golden rule is to move your camera roll photos into the iphone pics folder within iphone master folder via image capture before syncing to itunes.

    This is because your camera roll will be deleted when you have selected to sync with a different folder.

    This way it deletes the pictures that you have already stored in the i phone pics folder via image capture and replaces them because they already reside in the folder you are syncing with

    This is how i create and manage my photo folders via itunes..

    I hope this makes sense this is my first crude revision of a how to...
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    Thank you! This information has really helped me with my photo library! Thanks so much for sharing!
    03-08-2011 10:41 AM
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    Im glad it helped.
    03-08-2011 05:51 PM