1. Iphonejackson's Avatar
    Has anyone else had problems playing songs? It seems that some will just stop after a couple seconds and skip to the next track. This happens mostly when either scrubbing to a different part in a song, or skipping back to hear a song again.
    Any help/direction is appreciated.
    03-06-2011 10:12 PM
  2. P@t's Avatar
    I've never had any skipping issues with any of my iTunes items.

    Maybe try deleting them and resynching thru iTunes.

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    03-06-2011 10:54 PM
  3. wolverine318's Avatar
    perhaps turning off shake to shuffle? I am just throwing things out there...
    03-06-2011 11:00 PM
  4. shimojunk's Avatar
    Are these songs legit songs you bought through iTunes or downloaded from the net? If it's the later then maybe the mp3s are corrupt or have some distortion to it.

    Does it happen consistently? Can you reproduce the problem?
    03-07-2011 02:50 AM
  5. cp9102's Avatar
    I agree with WOLVERINE318, your "Shake to Shuffle" feature most likely is on. Turn it off through your settings.
    03-07-2011 09:46 AM
  6. Iphonejackson's Avatar
    Shake to shuffle was on. I'm hoping that STS is the issue, I'll report back with my findings.
    Also, the music is legit; ripped from cd/iTunes.
    03-08-2011 04:45 PM