1. durangojim#AC's Avatar
    Just wondering if you're listing to music through the earbuds and then take a call, does the noise cancelling mike on the phone still work? Seems like that would be helpful at the gym.
    03-04-2011 02:08 PM
  2. mackattack00's Avatar
    Yeah it still works
    03-04-2011 09:45 PM
  3. Relznuk's Avatar
    Yeah it still works
    Not only does it still work...it still works exceptionally well! I remember the first time I discovered this. I was also at the gym using my Apple earbuds when a call came it. I told them to hold on so I could get to a quieter area, but my friend on the other side said he could hear me loud and clear. I was very impressed.
    03-08-2011 10:56 AM