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    The buy back program is not for you to just get money back. thats not the point The point is, you can buy a product now and six months, (or 12 or 18 what ever) from now if there is a new model, you can pretty much upgrade to that by selling your machine back and you get a gift card. You are NEVER gonna get the full retail value back, not after its been used. Thats the same case if you sell on E-bay. Why would someone pay for a $399 64GB iPod touch thats been used when they could buy a new one for the same $399

    Besides if six mohtns from now you return it and it has some scratches or dents, your value will go down, just like it would if you were to sell it on e-bay

    I bought it with my Samsung laptop I just purchased as I need a computer for my new job that I start late this week and its only going to be temporarily till I can get some more money and perhaps buy a better machine (not that this laptop is bad, it has the latest sandy bridge processor, I just want something a bit better, better graphics etc)

    Besides, you don't have to buy it if you don't want to.
    02-23-2011 03:17 AM
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