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    Or a question rather.

    I have noticed something a little strange about waking my phone up from sleep mode. I'm at my house with full WiFi connectivity and 3 full "bars" (semi-circles) of Wi-Fi strength and NEVER below 2. Well, every time I set my phone down for a bit and come back I press the sleep/wake button or the home button and for a fraction of a second the Network Identifier (the one that says "3F" or the Wi-Fi symbol or the 1x symbol) says 3G. Before I can blink it goes back to the Wi-Fi symbol, but that makes me wonder. Is the phone really using Wi-Fi when it is sleeping or what? Anyone else have their phone do this?

    EDIT: Upon browsing MacRumors, this is actually what happens. The phone turns off Wi-Fi when sleeping to save battery. All sleeping data (e-mails etc.) are sent via 3G. No big deal as we VZW folks have unlimited. Glad I'm not crazy. Did anyone else notice this?
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    I was going to post exactly what you edited into your post.

    Emails are pretty small, considering. You could get thousands of normal emails before you would come close to the AT&T capped data plans.
    02-18-2011 01:53 PM
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    Wifi turns off when the iPhone goes to sleep. I'm pretty sure it has been this way since June 2007.
    02-18-2011 02:24 PM