1. slalomskie's Avatar
    I have a HP Netbook W7 and iTunes fills the whole screen where I have to constantly scroll left- right- up - down to veiw and rearrange items on my iPhone, I have messed with the display settings but nothing seems to work . I am at 1024 x 600 the highest I can go.
    is there a way to shrink the items in iTunes?

    This is what I get to look at.

    02-17-2011 03:33 PM
  2. ImStrapped's Avatar
    Have you tried clicking on the 4 display options within Itunes itself?

    There are different modes; list, etc. Maybe that would help.
    02-17-2011 05:14 PM
  3. slalomskie's Avatar
    Those appear to be only for the library section and iTunes store. Try Re greyed out when you are on the iPhone section.
    02-17-2011 06:49 PM
  4. getoffnow's Avatar
    iTunes has its optimal resolution, if you don't have that you are likely to suffer
    02-18-2011 09:16 PM
  5. Michele's Avatar
    I think you are SOL
    02-20-2011 06:45 PM
  6. anaphora68's Avatar
    Can't shrink it. Sadly, your screen resolution is too small for iTunes. I'm at 1920 x 1200 and I think the icons in iTunes are too big sometimes...
    02-20-2011 09:53 PM