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    I figured with all the new iPhone user who are most likely new to iPhone I'd share a list of voice command available on the iPhone. Most veteran iPhone user do know all the voice command available and/or forget what they are. This list should be especially helpful to former Android user although not a comprehensive as Android...

    To initiate a voice command, hold down the home button (the one on the front of the screen) for about 3 seconds. The screen should turn blue and you will hear 2 beeps, once you do just speak the command.

    Phone Commands
    Call/dial plus name or nickname from address book. May need to add phone number type, such as home, work, mobile.
    Call John Smith Mobile. Call/Dial plus the number. Dial 555 9592.

    Music Commands
    Play/Play music.
    Play playlist plus playlist name.Play playlist gym songs.
    Play album plus album name. Play album The Wall.
    "Play artist plus artist name. Play artist Pink Floyd.
    Pause/Pause music.
    Next song.
    Previous song.
    Genius/Play more like this/Play more songs like this.
    Whatʼs playing? (general information)
    What song is this,
    Who sings this song, or Who is this song by (specific information).

    Misc Commands
    What is the time?
    What time is it?
    Not that one/Wrong/Nope/No/Not that.
    Cancel/Stop (exit voice control)
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    Wow, just tried the time command. Very cool, I only had to hold the button, speak, and then listen. Much more convenient than looking at the homescreen.

    Just a joke, settle down!!
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