1. quicksilver53's Avatar
    I was wondering if someone could tell me how to delete apps from my phone. i have tried using itunes but I can not figure it out. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
    02-16-2011 04:32 AM
  2. anon(4697585)'s Avatar
    In iTunes on the App tab find the app in the list and un-tick it or find it on the phone layout and click the cross in the top left of the app.

    On the phone press and hold one of the apps to make them wiggly then click the black cross when it appears. But you cannot delete the apps Apple put on there
    02-16-2011 04:50 AM
  3. quicksilver53's Avatar
    Thank you very much for the info. I will try it out. Cheers
    02-16-2011 04:53 AM
  4. anon(4697585)'s Avatar
    No problem. If you are trying to think of a way to hide all the Apple apps (like weather and stocks ect) just put them all in a single folder called 'Apps Apple Got Wrong'
    02-16-2011 05:27 AM
  5. quazarteam's Avatar
    is there a way to delete them at once?
    02-17-2011 12:05 AM
  6. andrewsmith's Avatar
    hold your finger on the app 'til it "wiggles" and click the "x" on the top.
    02-17-2011 02:22 AM
  7. mikesa_tx's Avatar
    Easiest way is to press on one of the apps until they start to wiggle then tap the 'x' and bam, they are gone.
    02-17-2011 09:25 AM