1. naeubanks's Avatar
    I just noticed today that my new Verizon iPhone's screen had an issue that made it appear pixelated (especially noticeable when looking closely at the navigation bars and blue icons) and when compared against a normal iPhone 4 screen white color/backgrounds would have a slight yellow tint. I've had the phone since last monday when the first pre orders started arriving. I called apple this afternoon after comparing it to my roommates today and they said that there was definitely a problem because no iPhone 4 should ever have the slightest pixelation like that. Took it back to my local Verizon store and they replaced it pretty much no questions asked. The new one looks so amazing I can't believe I didn't notice it sooner.

    I just wanted to let you guys know in case your phone is like this, I never would've noticed it had I not compared it with my friends but I'm glad I did.
    02-15-2011 09:39 PM