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    okay from my duaghter I have this ringtone and its says its a .qcp file and of course win player doesn't recognize it so.

    where can I take it or can I do anything to change it to a usable ringtone file that will work on the verizon iphone.

    hope someone can help this is a cool ringtone
    02-13-2011 05:18 PM
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    How to Convert a QCP File Into a WAV File | eHow.com will tell you how to convert the qcp file to a wav file that then can be converted to an mp3 file that you can use with instructions in one of several other current threads to import into iTunes and make into a ringtone on your iPhone.
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    02-13-2011 05:22 PM
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    the link from ehow.com doesn't work. I've tried all converters that state free use then they want money so does anyone here have a free qcp converter link that I can load and use absolutely free?
    and converts it entirely and no add on voices oivey. [SP]
    02-13-2011 11:28 PM