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    Anyone else having a problem setting up rr email on Verizon? Everything worked fine on my blackberry but the iphone is totally different. Email works fine if I'm at home on my wifi with rr, but as soon as I leave the rr network I can barely get emails and not send any out. I have spoken with verizon, apple, and Time Warner. Time Warner rep has figured out there are different settings for the email on wifi and wireless network. He suggested I changed the settings every time I enter or leave the house. I'm not about to do that, and shouldn't. Please tell me someone else has encountered this and has a solution. I have way too many people with work that have my address and would be a complete nightmare to change just for the phone
    02-11-2011 05:18 PM
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    You have the spambots of the world to thank for that. The problem is that, like most ISPs, RoadRunner requires authentication in order to send email. This issue is that when you are home, using your own wifi, you are using your .rr internet connection, so your email authenticates quite nicely. But when you are out and about, you are using AT&T or VZW 3G services which cannot authenticate your .rr account because you are not connected to the .rr internet service.

    Now, what to do about it...

    I did find this info... understand that this was for an AT&T iPhone for a guy with RoadRunner service out of Texas... but since I don't have a .rr account, I cannot speak to the veracity of the "fix":

    Mine works now. Here is what I have.
    under my mail account:
    on mail account - now i have the new ipone g3 (do not think it matters)
    my email & password

    Primary server
    authentication password (your rr email password you must have this input for outgoing too)
    Use SSL on
    primary server
    other server at&t smtp server ON
    att server was already set @ (i could not modify this area) other than on/off
    Hope this works for you!
    I am a happy camper! :-)
    Link to source website
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