1. ctjohnson99's Avatar
    When I received my IPhone 4 from Verizon, I followed the activation guide for my phone. I backed up my contacts on my old phone, activated my phone, set up an Itunes account, and downloaded the recommended app "VZ Contact Transfer." I also had a MobileMe account with Apple. The problem is this: If you have a MobileMe account and Verizon contact list, the two can't seem to communicate. So when I sync'd my IPhone 4 to my ITunes account, all of my contacts disappeared. After 3 days and 10 calls to Verizon and 15 minutes with Apple Care, they finally found the problem. You can not download VZ Contact Transfer if you have a MobileMe account. They can not communicate on the IPhone. 1500mg of Tylenol later, lesson Learned.
    02-10-2011 11:19 AM