1. naeubanks's Avatar
    Anyone get this email? I just received it a few minutes ago, tried to call the number and got someone's voice mail. Kinda worries me a little.

    There's an ad for Skype below the upgrade notice but other than that no details to "review". I preordered this morning at 2:50 est and it still says order shipped when I check.
    02-03-2011 07:03 PM
  2. kch50428's Avatar
    Standard marketing.

    Reps have a list of people who's contracts are expired or about to - and they have to make a certain number of contacts every shift they work - some by phone, or by email.
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    02-03-2011 07:06 PM
  3. Kyle Dziekan's Avatar
    I remember getting one of these last week... I don't think you have anything to worry about.
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    02-03-2011 07:07 PM
  4. naeubanks's Avatar
    Ok cool, that's probably all it is then. It's just unsettling that they would send it the day I preordered a new phone. I wish he had answered now so that I could've asked about this whole shipping notice controversy, haha.
    02-03-2011 07:09 PM
  5. luvesuga's Avatar
    My husband got an email like that when I submitted the iphone 4 order this morning. The subject was Thanks for visiting Verizon Wireless.
    02-03-2011 07:54 PM