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    Drove to work today with MotionX GPS Drive with instant GPS lock and flawless performance. Verizon iPhone aGPS appears to be unhindered by Verizon, and working perfectly. Such a change from my poor Palm pre that was crippled by Verizon.
    Ditto. I used the Mapquest app and it worked beautifully. I also came from a Palm Pre, and even with the GPS Fix patch, was never this good.

    The other thing I noticed (a bit off topic, but still) is that my pre would always drop, or "skip", on the way to work. I would listen to TuneIn radio and there was a 3 mile stretch (also the most traffic, so takes a while to get through) where it would drop in and out. Today with the iPhone? Not a drop. I had thought it was just that section's coverage. Guess not.
    02-09-2011 07:21 AM
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