1. rsd36's Avatar
    Anyone able to switch their upgrade to another line? I can't! Any help?
    02-03-2011 02:09 AM
  2. naeubanks's Avatar
    you have to log into the main My Verizon to switch the upgrades around
    02-03-2011 02:12 AM
  3. rsd36's Avatar
    I did but it does not save it when I go over to order the iphone
    02-03-2011 02:14 AM
  4. skeletongloves's Avatar
    can't you just order the phone as if you're upgrading that line and then activate it on your own line?
    02-03-2011 02:15 AM
  5. rsd36's Avatar
    Talked to the Apple Rep and she said yes, that was the way to do it. Order on the upgrade line, and then call Verizon to have that upgrade switched to your line.
    02-03-2011 03:04 AM
  6. rl2k05's Avatar
    They will probably charge you for this. You should be able to do it online. Just make sure both phones are off.
    02-03-2011 08:13 AM
  7. debo6052's Avatar
    That's what I did too. Ordered on line with upgrade then will swap ESN later.
    02-03-2011 09:28 AM
  8. captriker's Avatar
    It was covered here before but since Verizon was using a seperate system to handle the pre-orders, they could not support the 'buddy upgrade' feature which lets you transfer an upgrade from one line to another on the same family share account.

    Verizon has stated in their FAQ that users can upgrade on the eligable line and then migrate the device to the line of thier choosing after the fact. You will have to activiate it on the eligable line first, and then do the swap.
    02-03-2011 09:30 AM