1. cpc12's Avatar
    I was told by a user in here that I can manage my photos on my iphone via image capture, it works for taking photos off my iphone and putting them in folders on my desktop.

    I was wondering if you could add photos as well I have a few folders I want to add to my iphone I also would like to manage the photos on my iphone, id like to create folders and organize them into catagories. On my PC I was able to view the iphone like a drive and manage the content like any other folder is this possible with image capture ?

    I tried to drag a folder into image capture but it would not stay

    Any help .. is there a 3rd party app for this. I also tried iphoto and apeture for this but both were confusing and made duplicate images everywhere.

    02-02-2011 09:58 PM
  2. Massie's Avatar
    I might be wrong, but I think the only way to add photos to the iPhone would be to sync them from your computer through iTunes. (Unless you're jailbroken, then check out Photoalbums+ which might be what you're after.)
    02-03-2011 12:28 AM
  3. Alli's Avatar
    Correct. The only way to add/manage photos/folders is through your computer. There are no apps that will do this for you on the iPhone itself.
    02-03-2011 05:58 AM
  4. anon(4698833)'s Avatar
    From what i understand...SSH + something like Filezilla, or the app Total Commander can go from PC/Mac to iPhone (assuming you're JB'ed). iTunes is such a better and easier way to sync photos to the iPhone though that i really never understand why people look for other alternatives (unless they simply have zero access to iTunes, which would seem odd if they are looking for a way to move stuff from a computer to their idevice...a computer which could easily have iTunes installed to it).

    The only thing i could really think is if you're using a computer that is too old to properly install iTunes 10...in that case...well, i dunno, take some of this effort and look for ways to improve your system?
    02-03-2011 06:10 AM
  5. cpc12's Avatar
    I have a mac book air and the current version of itunes.

    On a PC if Im correct you can view your iphone as a drive in my computer and manage the files as you would on a flash drive or removable drive.

    I started working with iphoto again, i had to delete hundreds of dupilcates, this is why I dont want to use it. I cant figure out why it duplicates things. I guess you create folders in iphoto and sync it to the phone via i tunes. this is good for adding photos to the phone but when I have sync with iphoto selected it adds all the photos I have on the phone back into iphoto creating duplicates and when you are dealing with large amounts of photos this can be VERY time consuming to correct

    I also tried Aperture but this seems even more confusing than iphoto, maybe its because Im kinda new to mac but I would like to be able to drag and drop folder and files onto the iphone like you would on a flash drive or removable hard drive.

    Being a X PC guy that seems like the most simple request
    02-03-2011 07:04 AM
  6. Alli's Avatar
    Actually, the pc and mac work exactly the same when it comes to photos. You can only look at the photos in your camera roll. If you want to add/remove photos in a folder, you have to do it through iTunes.

    On my netbook, I had Picasa automatically import my photos from my iPhone. Now iPhoto does the same thing. While I had tons of duplicates the first time, it was more due to the duplicates in the folders I copied over. I've since cleaned them up, and never had a dupe using iPhoto.

    So yea, even though you'd like to drag/drop - you can't even do that on your pc with an iPhone. So it's not a loss when moving to the Mac.
    02-03-2011 10:02 AM
  7. PremeOne's Avatar
    You may want to give Dropbox a try. With the app, you can add/delete photos, create new folders, etc. All of this can be done on your phone or through your computer; the best thing is that the changes are saved in the cloud and will autosync to your phone. While you're not able to manage pics on your camera roll, per say, it's a great substitue that I use all the time.
    02-03-2011 04:46 PM
  8. emtp563's Avatar
    The ability to manage photo roll folders on the phone itself would be great.
    02-03-2011 07:45 PM
  9. daimage's Avatar
    the app in the pc can c# load images from folder for you, not directly for iphone. if somebody enable us to manage folder, many people will give him a big hug i guess.
    06-03-2013 10:07 PM