1. anneemonster's Avatar
    So it turns out I'm not going to be able to pre-order right at midnight tonight/tomorrow. What do you think the chances are of there still being phone's available around 9:30am? I know this is probably an EXTREMELY stupid question, but i would still like some input. Thanks guys
    02-02-2011 12:59 PM
  2. ChrisGonzales90's Avatar
    It really depends on how much of a demand there is for the Verizion iPhone. A lot are eirther sticking with AT&T or their current carrier. A lot on Verizon are sticking with the Android/BB/Palm or "dumb phone" they have now. All you have to do is just check. If there is some left, take the chance as any second they could be gone. If they are gone, keep checking back or call them up and see when they will be getting anymore in stock.
    02-02-2011 01:06 PM
  3. scorpiodsu's Avatar
    No one knows.
    02-02-2011 01:07 PM
  4. Garz's Avatar
    We have no idea what the supply for pre-orders are
    02-02-2011 01:10 PM
  5. anneemonster's Avatar
    I'll try verizon first and if they're out I'll try apple. If neither of the have any then I guess I'm waiting till the 10th lol
    02-02-2011 01:25 PM
  6. skeletongloves's Avatar
    you could always give a trusted friend your vzw account and card info and have them do it for you if you aren't going to be around. If you have shady friends it might be risky, but people have done crazier things during launches
    02-02-2011 01:32 PM