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    I am new. I have had an iPad since two weeks after they came out, but have been using pre-paid cel phones. I am eliminating both my Verizon hardwire accounts. One will use Comcast for both internet and landline. ..the second will use an iPhone. (I am not going to Verizon for cellular...)

    Question: 'Assuming the i5 may be better in many respects, would I not be better off with a 3GS at $49 .. for the few month vs. tying up $200 with a i4?

    Is there any reason the 3GS is a dog?

    01-31-2011 02:37 PM
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    The 3GS will be fine as nothing is really going to change that will hurt it in the next 6 months, iOS 5 will be out with the iPhone 5 most likely.

    But, if you buy a 3GS at $49 now you will not be able to get a discount on an iPhone 5 in June/July. You may get a small one but it will be around $399/499 for early upgrade pricing if you can get it after only 6 months.

    Might want to find a 3G or 3GS on ebay for as cheap as you can find and go get AT&T setup with it. Then this summer you will be able to use your upgrade for the $199/299 price points (assuming prices remain the same).
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    01-31-2011 02:54 PM
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    Yup...3GS is still an amazing device. But understand if you get the 3GS now, you wont be getting the iPhone 5 at a discounted rate when it comes out, because you'll have already used your discount on the $49 iPhone 3GS.

    Personally, if you don't have an iPhone right now, i'd do like said above, get a cheap 3G, and then sell it right when the iP5 comes and use your upgrade credit then.
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    01-31-2011 03:17 PM
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    ... Ahhhh. I had not heard of the 'upgrade credit'. Dumbazz here does not want to walk into a $200 up-charge after buying a $50 phone .. when the i4 is only $199 to begin with?! I'll probably call my biz rep and see if he can put anything on paper. Thanks.

    01-31-2011 03:55 PM
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    iPhone 4 is $199, again, after upgrade credit is applied...i think its $599 retail.
    01-31-2011 04:09 PM