1. CJBullitt's Avatar
    As android users getting ready to go to VZW iPhones what android app will you miss the most?

    For me it will probably Google Sky Map, my kids love it.

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    01-14-2011 07:15 PM
  2. Rene Ritchie's Avatar
    I'm not leaving Android, I use an iPhone primarily (obviously!) but I do have a Nexus One and apps that I "miss" on my iPhone include the much better Google Voice integration, voice control, and Gmail features. Basically the tight Google integration.
    01-15-2011 01:04 AM
  3. ChrisGonzales90's Avatar
    If I do leave android, I think I'll also miss the sky map, i also miss the core maps app. The android maps app blows the iOS one right out of the water. I think I'll miss the whole intergration with online services mostly and being able to tap and hold for more options or use a command with any program (lets say I want to search for a business. I can do a google search, yellow book or yelp. No need to go in each app, a pop up will ask me what program I want to use I tap the program and it opens, I can also set it as the defalut one too..

    also a big one would be what Rene said, the voice intergration. Pretty nice, I can say my text message or say the website I want to visit, not just call home, or play party playlist.
    01-15-2011 01:57 AM
  4. S.meezy#CB's Avatar
    Shortyz (crosswords), and premote droid/gmote... Im sure similar things exist, just gotta start looking... Other than that, dont use much that isnt found on iOs...
    01-15-2011 09:09 AM
  5. boomhower1820's Avatar
    Maps will be it. Everything else either has the exact app or others with the same functionality. The only must have app I have is firehouse scheduler and it has an iOS version. I hate to pay another $7 for it but it's worth it.
    01-15-2011 10:26 AM
  6. Scout_313's Avatar
    The one thing that I will definitely miss is the Google Nav built into Google Maps. Other than that, the only widget I really use is Weatherbug Elite and I may miss having the temperature in the notification bar. I'm guessing that there will be something similar for iOS though. I have the HotSchedules app on my Droid Pro but it crashes constantly, so it'll probably be better on the iPhone.
    01-15-2011 11:02 AM
  7. varucell's Avatar
    I think I will miss widgets the most. I love that you can just turn on your phone and look at stuff at a glance.
    01-15-2011 11:04 AM
  8. shipwrestler125's Avatar
    angry birds being free is what I will miss lol
    01-15-2011 12:26 PM
  9. Toddzilla's Avatar
    Google navigation, free Angry Birds (lol?) And stealar Google integration. I think I will have a hard time adjusting to no Widgets. It really is very convinient to just glance at the phone to get an overview of everything from Google voicemail to weather, todo list, and social updates.
    01-15-2011 12:48 PM
  10. mg911's Avatar
    Just the google apps and some widgets, but it doesn't really matter to me. I hope chase picture deposit works for the iphone cause on my droid its blows.
    01-15-2011 02:15 PM
  11. rumsoft's Avatar
    Shortyz (crosswords), and premote droid/gmote... Im sure similar things exist, just gotta start looking...
    If you like crossword puzzles on your iPad then you should check out CRUX Crosswords for iPad, if you haven't already. Send us an email at the address on our iTunes product page for a promo code! (we don't have enough posts yet to send/receive PM, or to post a URL or email address on TiPb)
    05-07-2011 09:39 PM
  12. Disturbed_Angel's Avatar
    I am going to miss google maps. As others have said, anything else either has an iOS version, or a different app that does the same thing. The only thing is some of the apps I had were purchased, and now I either have to find a free replacement, or buy the app again.
    05-07-2011 09:53 PM
  13. i_kkk's Avatar
    I miss the feeling when i am using android!
    05-09-2011 06:15 AM
  14. dmt316's Avatar
    I was an AT&T iPhone 3G & 3GS user. Got tired of all the dropped calls and went to the droid. It wasn't the iPhone but a decent replacement. I am now back on the vzw iPhone and I miss the speech to text and the maps. They were the 2 best things IMO.
    05-09-2011 05:18 PM
  15. anon(39328)'s Avatar
    I've been an iphone user for a few weeks now, and there are a few things I do miss with Android. I miss the voice to text recognition available in all apps. I miss google navigation. I miss AmazonMP3 app. The one thing I miss the most though is not even an app. I am really missing the long press menus available on pretty much everything. Want to share a video, photo, etc? long press it and send it to whoever (or wherever) you want. Want to delete something? long press it and touch delete. For me, that was like the coolest feature in Android. Seems like such a no brainer for this to be a feature too. Was very surprised to not find this on the iphone.

    Surprisingly, I'm not missing widgets nearly as much as I thought I would.
    05-09-2011 05:46 PM