View Poll Results: 16GB or 32GB? Which one will you be purchasing?

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  • 16GB

    74 38.74%
  • 32GB

    117 61.26%
  1. CubanoGT's Avatar
    I went with the 32gig since I had worries about running out of memory so... I know 16gig is plenty but just in case.!.
    02-04-2011 03:43 PM
  2. anon(4708383)'s Avatar
    32!!!!!!.... its super hard for me to live with 16
    02-04-2011 04:10 PM
  3. stockandroidguy's Avatar
    Got the 32gb have a lot of movies and tv showd

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    02-04-2011 04:46 PM
  4. kittridge's Avatar
    32 is enough for all my music and then some. i'd love a 64 but 32 should probably keep me golden for 2 years
    02-04-2011 04:46 PM
  5. S.meezy#CB's Avatar
    32! My iTunes library is way too big (50 something movies, 100 something TV episodes, ~10K songs) Do they have a 128 GB iPhone yet?
    02-04-2011 05:32 PM
  6. luvesuga's Avatar
    I only needed the 16gb. My music library is only 2gb. I only keep one movie loaded at a time, and I rarely buy TV shows. I think I'll be fine.
    02-04-2011 05:36 PM
  7. CG68's Avatar
    I thought the 16 GB would not be enough for me when I purchased the phone but it has been adequate. I still have about 5GB free after loading all my songs from Itunes, pics, & apps. Plus I use my free 2 GB account from DropBox.
    07-21-2011 03:49 AM
  8. rdrum's Avatar
    I went from a 30 GB iPod classic to a 16 GB iPhone 4 and was initially worried about the space difference. It's been a good thing, though, because it has forced me to better manage my digital music collection. This includes getting rid of music/audio books that I haven't listened to in years. Clearing up space on my Mac has been a bonus, too!
    07-21-2011 08:07 AM
  9. cellphonejedi's Avatar
    Always better to have too much space than not enough!!
    07-21-2011 08:15 AM
  10. rosser's Avatar
    Getting the 16 GB White iPhone 4 on VZ. Don't have the extra $100 for like 16 GB more lol
    07-22-2011 03:54 PM
  11. ThePinkChameleon's Avatar
    When I'move from my bb & my upgrade is avail i'll be going for the 32gb in white! I can hardly wait
    07-24-2011 05:08 AM
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