1. kittykatta's Avatar
    As someone coming from 13years of Sprint, then Verizon pricing looks insane to me. I pay $110 for a family plan with 4000min and unlimited everything. The cheapest Verizon family plan (based on Android phones) is 700min+unlimited text/data for $160.

    For me, $50 more just to get an iPhone with less minutes is already tough to swallow. So im really hoping there isnt a special "iPhone tier". (Yes, I know you get tethering but its not really a feature I'll use)
    01-11-2011 03:14 PM
  2. boomhower1820's Avatar
    You comparing comparable plans though. Your on a legacy plan. If you want a modern smartphone with Sprint you are going to be paying considerably more. I have been looking into the same switch myself. I currently have an EVO and my wife is itching for a new phone. Only thing available that she likes is the swift. Sprint cheapest family plan plus two high end phones is $150. Yeah, your getting less minutes with Verizon but I don't need that many. Most of the people I know use Verizon so my usage won't change that much. It's $10 and you get less minutes. I'm going to take that compromise. Verizon's data speed is close to double here as an added bonus.
    01-11-2011 08:19 PM