1. tmoney1046's Avatar
    I love TiPb because they are always the first with all the iPod, iPhone, & iPad news from jail breaks, to whats coming out next, to telling you what games and apps are hot! Since I got my iPad I find myself on TiPb everyday looking for new stuff and trying to stay current and up to date. When I heard that Verizon got a iPhone I got real upset because my contract is up in November and November seems so far away!!! And TiPb was the first site to announce it. #teamjailbreak
    02-08-2011 03:40 PM
  2. uncle64's Avatar
    I would love an Iphone 4, had BB and used my friends Iphone 4 and it rocks, would love to win one and since I have been on TIPB its way more informative the CB!
    02-08-2011 03:40 PM
  3. djdan's Avatar
    The Iphone 4 is the last piece of my transiting to apple! Since November, I've picked up the Ipad, Apple TV and last week the MacBook Pro! I'm completely in love! I found this site - only recently - and have been thoroughly impressed with its content, its insight and usefulness. I've referred several friends and family here and to win a Verizon Iphone (I'm still a long way from upgrade eligible!) would just be the best experience!

    02-08-2011 03:42 PM
  4. ricbon's Avatar
    ....I WOULD LOVE AN IPHONE FROM TIPB!!!!!!!!you are thee only site i go for all iphone related news/rumors!!!!!! please o please choose me!!!!!
    02-08-2011 03:42 PM
  5. nlg001's Avatar
    Can't wait to get my hands on one. TiPb Rules!

    02-08-2011 03:42 PM
  6. rayala3's Avatar
    TiPb...like oxygen. I need it everyday!
    02-08-2011 03:43 PM
  7. wgillis's Avatar
    Love TiPb because it keeps me up to date on what's going on. In fact, I love your whole family of sites. Started out on Crackberry, moved over to Android Central. Now I have been cruising here because my wife is getting the Iphone on Verizon and it's my job (apparently) to keep her up to date. I'm on a Droid X myself, but I'm willing to give the Iphone 4 a shot!
    02-08-2011 03:43 PM
  8. claustin's Avatar
    I bought the first iPhone when I was living in Denver, but then moved to North Dakota where AT&T had no presence, so I had to go to Verizon. First I had a BB Storm (ugh), then I went to the Droid 1 and then Incredible and then switched to Alltel on the HTC Desire in anticipation of AT&T taking them over in my area, just in case all the rumors of the VZ iPhone turned out to be bogus again. The long journey back to the iPhone has been rough, but through Crackberry and Android Central, I found TiPb, and I've been watching here every day for VZ iPhone news. I'm switching back to VZ as soon as possible (I can get out of my Alltel contract when AT&T takes over), and winning a free one would be awesome, but I'll do what it takes to get one regardless. Thanks TiPb! Your the best!
    02-08-2011 03:43 PM
  9. Farmdreads's Avatar
    One reason: the awesome contests!
    02-08-2011 03:44 PM
  10. Teni's Avatar
    I love TiPb because it's always on top of the news about iPhones and iTouches. It's in my RSS feed and I always read the new entries in the morning with my coffee. Thank you for offering this contest!.
    02-08-2011 03:44 PM
  11. jsngrvn's Avatar
    The b in tipb stands for the bomb diggity staff right?!
    02-08-2011 03:46 PM
  12. skeelo219's Avatar
    I'm actually a blackberry user right now and I've been reading this blog for months in anticipation to the Iphone coming to Verizon, obviously my wish was granted...but this blog has been such a great resource and beacon of knowledge for me. Not only for the iphone but on other apple products, I was once hesistate about giving up my "crackberry", but after reading TIPB and learning my way around apples suite of products i'm thrilled at the chance to own by first Apple product since the 3rd gen ipod nano. love the blog, love the info, keep up the awesome work!
    02-08-2011 03:47 PM
  13. jwindsor's Avatar
    It's like this big network of really smart, tuned-in friends who are as passionate about this stuff as I am. Plus, great writing, fun outlook, good variety.
    02-08-2011 03:48 PM
  14. crookone10's Avatar
    Pick me AT&T sucks in my coverage area and I always miss important business calls and receive important emails hours after they were meant to be read. I need better coverage from my mobile provider and verizon may be that for me.
    02-08-2011 03:48 PM
  15. nirvan5a's Avatar
    Because i always get news update so fast on TIPB. So i don't have to check any other websites.
    02-08-2011 03:49 PM
  16. Seismic Worm's Avatar
    Would love to get my hands on the Verizon iPhone4 and move on from my original Droid phone. I bought an iPad recently was surprised how smooth iOS is, not to mention the better quality and plentiful apps and accessories available for them. Please pick me!
    02-08-2011 03:51 PM
  17. dawno's Avatar
    got my iPad back in October and wouldn't have been able to learn so much so fast without the info on TiPb. thanks for all of the great info!
    02-08-2011 03:52 PM
  18. commo's Avatar
    I love TiPb because they had the Marware case that I needed when no other in person or online store had one.
    02-08-2011 03:53 PM
  19. janafran's Avatar
    It was about a year ago when I realized it was time to ditch crackberry.com and switch over to TiPb, and I've never looked back! While I still have my old blackberry, I have eagerly been awaiting the new verizon iPhone. I sold my iPod touch to have the money to pay for a gorgeous iPhone but it was lost in transit so I am still in the midst of trying to figure that out but as of now it looks like there is no solution to get my money. A free verizon iPhone would be the most amazing gift I could ever receive and I would be soo thankful (and so would my parents so they don't have to listen to my complaints anymore about my blackberry). Thanks TiPb!
    02-08-2011 03:53 PM
  20. jnine1271's Avatar
    Im a crazy person when it comes to technology...I always want the newest phones as soon as they come out - its so not fair that the companies restrict when you can upgrade. Dont they know that more people able to buy the phones means more money for them?? I wouldnt hesitate to spend 200 but 6 or seven and I could be killed by my husband (and my own guilt). You guys here are always doing awesome contests to compliment your awesome service! You are THE place for up to the minute info on everything "i". Ive been on your site since I was a 'crackberry', and then as a 'droid', and I've been surfing all over tipb since my kids got ipod touches so I can keep their stuff up to date! Thank GOD for your guys providing all the great info that is your site! Keep up the great work and my fingers are crossed to win an iphone!!!
    02-08-2011 03:54 PM
  21. kealonnix's Avatar
    I started dating my first Blackberry about 5 years ago. And things were great in the beginning. We used to hang out all the time. We went through changes and upgrades together, like I said things were great. And then the honeymoon period ended. She started just locking me out (it was like she just didn't want to communicate with me anymore). She would even get to the point of shutting down by about 4 o'clock in the afternoon. I browsed the internet for solutions for our relationship and found a really good support website www.crackberry.com. There were many other guys who were going through the exact same thing I was. The support really helped.

    And then, I met my best friend's iPhone. Now, I know it is wrong to lust after my best friend's iPhone, but I just couldn't help it. She's smart, beautiful, always willing to interact, and never shuts him out. I just couldn't help but think, "Why can't she have a sister close by?" (my best friend lives in a little place called AT&T and I live in a place called Verizon)

    My friend told me about a website where other iPhone lovers congregate to talk about how great their relationship is. That's when I started following tipb. I did it secretly, never registering, because I didn't want Blackberry to find out. AND THEN...... the glorious day happened. I read that AT&T iPhone was getting a new sister and she was coming to live in Verizon!!!

    I knew that this was a sign from God and that we were meant to be together. So, I had a talk with Blackberry (it wasn't pretty). I told her that she needed to move out, but there would be old fashioned guys out there who might still be interested and one day she might find love again.

    So now I'm ready to move on and up.

    And that is why I would love to have a new Verizon iPhone.
    02-08-2011 03:54 PM
  22. ranger#AC's Avatar
    Would love to win a Verizon I phone. Att does not work good here at the park I work for. And the amount I get paid does not help in getting one anytime soon. I can say this site has helped me learn alot about the iphone and ipad. Thanks for all the work you do.
    02-08-2011 03:55 PM
  23. rtkwon's Avatar
    TiPb is my first option for reading up on developing Apple news. I love this website because you provide immediate, accurate information on what's "hot" in the world of Apple.
    02-08-2011 03:55 PM
  24. blacktone's Avatar
    You guys are always on top of all things related to apple and their products, that's why I can't stop reading your blog! Keep up the excellent work.
    02-08-2011 03:58 PM
  25. Burly_Irishman's Avatar
    I'm not trying to beat a DEAD HORSE, cuz that's just inhumane, really. But I'm just gonna say it again, TiPB you guys and gals are the first and best site for iPhone intel. You're still the first stop for me every day, and thanks to you, I JB my AT&T iPhone 3Gs minutes after I discovered it was available for windows download. I owe it all to you guys, Thanks Rene, Georgia (HAWT!!), sorry couldn't resist. And no I'm not forgetting the rest of the CREW! You guys rock! Now IF I could just get outta my AT&T iPhone and jump on Verizon, that'd be the BEES KNEES! (I dunno where I come up with this stuff, I wish I could stop...can u say NERD?!)

    Again Thanx guys for everything, keep up the good work!
    02-08-2011 03:58 PM
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