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What's my iPhone worth?
  1. apuesto's Avatar
    I wonder why i never looked for you before! all this iphone hype and a month to month contract with SPRINT is probably why -
    Oooh would I love a new phone, preferably the iphone - one carrier is just like another i think - if you give me the phone, I'll let you know!
    02-05-2011 11:48 AM
  2. joshuawo's Avatar
    they make me look forward to traffic, so i can finish listening to the iPhone/iPad Live
    02-05-2011 11:48 AM
  3. thyago231's Avatar
    I just love tipb! everything from the news to the podcasts to the giveaways!!!
    I reaaally want this Verizon iPhone!
    02-05-2011 01:45 PM
  4. bestdogever#IM's Avatar
    It's simple - a recent switch back to Mac and an evaluation of whether to get an iphone now that I can on Verizon left me with many questions. In trying to find some answers online a came across TiPb where EVERY SINGLE QUESTION WAS ANSWERED.
    02-05-2011 02:36 PM
  5. n8archer_XI's Avatar
    I love TiPb for their sweet giveaways! (oh, and the great updates and news, of course)
    02-05-2011 02:40 PM
  6. Dan@'s Avatar
    Please, Please, Please, Please!
    02-05-2011 02:42 PM
  7. binkins's Avatar
    I Love TiPb because of...let me count the ways, the most up to date news, the coolest giveaways, and best of all the forum; where fact fiction and folks unite to educate, commisurate, berate and have some fun
    02-05-2011 02:44 PM
  8. jaredf916#WN's Avatar
    i love TiPb because they cover the best OS....iOS and everything apple!
    02-05-2011 03:10 PM
  9. AO888's Avatar
    This forum has all the best answers for my iPhone questions! I get on here everytime I have an issue or something new I want to learn! Thanks you guys! Keep up the great work!!
    02-05-2011 04:01 PM
  10. P0stalTek's Avatar
    I've browsed 100's of I-forums since purchasing my iPad some monthes ago, and hands-down TiPb has been more helpful than all of them. I actually JUST registered my account here, but I've been reading for quite some time now

    Thanks whether I win or not (but extra brownie points if I do :P )
    02-05-2011 04:24 PM
  11. chazzman's Avatar
    TiPb is my favorite source for the latest iPhone news and rumors!

    I'm new to the iPhone forum but so far its the best that i've come across. I especially like the jail break section. More information that I asked for!

    Brand new Vzw iPhone would make my year! Thank you TiPb, count me in.
    02-05-2011 04:25 PM
  12. edit_text's Avatar
    I wish I could give some grand reason as to why I love TiPb, but I'm new to the site. However, I have been active on some of the affiliate sites for some time. I have always had good experiences with users of those forums so coming here was a no-brainer. I hope I win.
    02-05-2011 04:25 PM
  13. knells's Avatar
    The first thing I do when I get up in the morning and before I got to bed and 10 times a day is check I love the website and all the information I get when I read all the articles that you guys put up for us to read. I always look forward to watching iPhone and iPad live. I get a kick out of watching tipb tv as well. Its all great information that you guys talk about. I love how I can get all the information I need from the forums from jailbreaking all the way to great tips on apps and accessories for my iPhone. You guys are such a great website and group of people and I always tell everyone that I know that has an iPhone or iPad to come and visit your site. You guys are doing such a great job! Keep up the good work.


    ps. I would love the chance to get a Verizon iPhone.
    02-05-2011 04:58 PM
  14. starrarts's Avatar
    I LOVE TiPB because of the friendly and knowledgable staff and the wonderful, up-to-date information!! Thanks for the opportunity to win an iPhone 4!!
    02-05-2011 05:53 PM
  15. rthornto5's Avatar
    I love TiPb because they always have the latest info.
    02-05-2011 06:17 PM
  16. FlyPhone's Avatar
    I have desperately wanted an iPhone since they were first introduced, however, I am a loyal Verizon customer, so I waited. Forever. I've never won ANYTHING before and I'd LOVE to win an iPhone!
    I just found this website and I absolutely love it! Thanks for all the information!
    02-05-2011 06:34 PM
  17. UVaWiseGuy's Avatar
    Why I love TiPB? Because I am totally new to the possibility of iPhone, being tethered to the only provider with a signal in my parents' home town of Happy Camp, CA, Verizon; and I value the high quality information and commentary I am finding here. Thanks so much from a first time poster.
    02-05-2011 07:05 PM
  18. DannyFresh's Avatar
    I have an hour and a half commute each way to work, and I could listen to Georgia's voice all day. HOT !!Sorry Rene.
    Last edited by DannyFresh; 02-05-2011 at 07:54 PM.
    02-05-2011 07:46 PM
  19. slumpey's Avatar
    TiPb!! Love to have new iphone. Cracked screen on current phone.
    02-05-2011 08:19 PM
  20. longmi's Avatar
    I love the TiPb and wish I had found it sooner! It is bookmarked and one of my new favorites!

    I would love to win an iPhone -- I've been with Verizon for over 10 years and have been waiting for the iPhone for a long time!
    02-05-2011 10:17 PM
  21. jserr1's Avatar has maintained it's readers interest with a one-stop-shop and great forums format. I love a place that offers so much information and people with the same interest. Thank you !
    02-05-2011 11:29 PM
  22. iluvbullies's Avatar
    I found Tipb while looking for any information to help me with my upcoming verizon iphone upgrade. I keep coming back for all the great information available. If I won, my daughter would be so thrilled. Her line was not eligible, she keeps hoping I won't like my iphone so she can have mine, NOT!!!! Guess she will be working a lot on her 1month break from classes so she can afford her own.
    02-06-2011 05:44 AM
  23. herbielovebug53's Avatar
    I love tipb because you guy always have good information on iOS that I can't get nowhere else
    02-06-2011 06:13 AM
  24. uf_gators's Avatar
    Want to win your very own Verizon iPhone 4 from TiPb? then this is the contest for you! All you have to do is leave a reply in this very thread telling us why you love TiPb so much.

    It's that simple, so go do it already and good luck!


    - grand prize consists of one (1) Apple Store or equivalent gift certificate in the amount of $500 towards the purchase of a Verizon iPhone 4.
    - Contest starts now. Winner will be announced on on February 9, 2011.
    I love TiPB so much, cause I come here everyday, reading info from everyone on here gathering info for my new arrival of my own iPhone 4 arriving monday. But I would love to have one for the wife for Valentines day gift. Since I don't have another 200.00 bones for another iphone right now... Leaving the RIM BB and here for life ! Thats why I love TiPB so much !
    02-06-2011 08:52 AM
  25. briankeith513's Avatar
    I want a VZW Iphone, because, after years of disinterest in Apple, and using other smartphones, I've finally seen the true benefits of the Iphone 4, in having a device "that just works", and has the best build quality of any mobile device, and a device that has the most, and highest quality apps. I love TiPb because, as a newb, who's frequently watched many iphone forums, this one seems to be the most helpful, with the most useful info.
    02-06-2011 09:51 AM
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