1. firvin's Avatar
    to win an iphone would be awesome especially in partnership withTiPb to help guide thru apps, tech questions.......the gift that keeps on giving!!!
    01-27-2011 05:38 PM
  2. jcmyers81's Avatar
    TiPb is cool because they give away free iPhones, of course!
    01-27-2011 08:10 PM
  3. wchsxc's Avatar
    To be honest, I have only viewed the site once or twice. Winning an iPhone would definitely encourage me to view it more often.
    01-27-2011 08:13 PM
  4. McD#IM's Avatar
    I love the folks at TiPb because they make apple-centric info a one stop shopping extravaganza! I get ALL of my news/advice/reviews right from them. They transformed this former technophobe into the technoknowitall he always knew he could be. Thanks TiPb!
    01-27-2011 08:25 PM
  5. mrngh1's Avatar
    I love TiPb because I can stay up to date on the world of iOs.... I'm going to switch to Verizon before the unlimited data plan goes away!!!! I am currently on the 2GB plan and AT&T refused to switch my plan..... Also, AT&T is not as good as Verizon in my area!!!!!
    01-27-2011 09:12 PM
  6. Edartanium's Avatar
    Looking forward to iphone4
    01-28-2011 12:22 AM
  7. VzwFtw7's Avatar
    what a great way to introduce new TiPb members by having giveways. I always have fun taking part for the thrills and to chat and because i am a college student and have most money spent on other things. Well i would sure appreciate a new phone and especially a new verizon iphone since im one verizon and my contract has just ended. TiPb make me happy please!
    01-28-2011 12:26 AM
  8. davidisais's Avatar
    01-28-2011 12:50 AM
  9. Caribou's Avatar
    Verizon iPhone (hopefully) will put the "phone" back in iPhone ... I miss having conversations longer than ~34 seconds!
    01-28-2011 12:52 AM
  10. Kennysmom's Avatar
    I love this site! It works for both the tech savvy and tech challenged like myself ( :
    01-28-2011 01:23 AM
  11. mrobertson21's Avatar
    TiPb is where i get all my iPhone info!!!
    01-28-2011 07:26 AM
  12. yyoo's Avatar
    TiPb is THE go-to source for everything iPhone related. It's that simple.
    01-28-2011 08:22 AM
  13. elmerb's Avatar
    TiPb is a greatest source for the latest iFacts... keep up the good work!
    01-28-2011 08:37 AM
  14. Daniel_Yc#IM's Avatar
    TiPb is a great community in which its members all have a love for things apple. From the forums to the daily news postings, this place is truely the best place for anything iphone related. You can even buy iphone accesories! This place has it all, the only thing im missing , is an iphone. :o
    01-28-2011 09:25 AM
  15. yanks19's Avatar
    ok, so i was gonna post something witty or clever but after staring at this blank reply window for the last two weeks, realized i am neither witty nor clever... i'll just say that i used to be a crackberry addict but i'm now totally converted to the iCrack being pushed by TiPb. it's one of the first sites i check everyday and refresh refresh refresh...love it! keep on keepin on...
    01-28-2011 09:31 AM
  16. nuckinfutz220's Avatar
    Just Gonna say that I joined TiPb a few days after the press release of the VZW iPhone 4. I know i haven't been here as long as the other members and so I do feel I don't deserve to win, but I do want to let you guys know how awesome you are though! I have been glued to my computer with the browser on your site refreshing constantly to stay up to date with news of the upcoming release of the ViP4! You guys have great news on your own, but the forum also keeps me very entertained while trying to keep from pulling my hair out from the anticipation! You are doing a great job here and keep it going!!!!
    01-28-2011 10:12 AM
  17. zlively's Avatar
    I was always looking for a site where I can have all the answers to my iphone problems answered and I came across several sites. Not one of them could compare to TIPB. The staff here is awesome and everyone is really helpful. TIPB Rocks......Love you guys!
    01-28-2011 10:16 AM
  18. bub_33's Avatar
    I want one!!!
    01-28-2011 02:29 PM
  19. jnine1271's Avatar
    Please, Please, Please Tipb you are the best site and if you choose me as the winner of a new Verizon iphone you will save me from divorce court! My husband is gonna kill me if I get another new phone! Im a techie supreme - I always want the newest "it" item and this would be the best ever!
    01-28-2011 03:04 PM
  20. mlfgc's Avatar
    TiPb is so good when it hits your lips! ><

    ...wait that might not make a lot of sense... Eyeballs? there.

    "TiPb is so good once it hits your eyeballs ><
    01-28-2011 03:06 PM
  21. Macytelli's Avatar
    This site rocks. I have been waiting for this day to get an IPhone with Verizon and since the announcement I have not been able to stop reading you website. Thanks for everything you do.

    I would love to get a free phone as there is nothing better than free.
    01-28-2011 05:30 PM
  22. oldtimepenguins's Avatar
    Came on here to look up stuff for my girlfriend now I need this so I can stop making my droid incredible look like an iPhone. tipb gets a +1 for this.
    01-28-2011 06:11 PM
  23. littles845's Avatar
    TIPB is the S*^t
    01-28-2011 10:12 PM
  24. CriticalMomentum's Avatar
    TipB you are awesome for quick and accurate news on apple devices! Please save me from my craptastic android device!
    01-28-2011 11:24 PM
  25. metall8cat's Avatar
    This is by far the most comprehensive collection of anything iPhone, iPad, iPod, or anything else Apple. Whenever I have a question about something this is my first stop. Having a Verizon iPhone would just complete the empty hole in my heart that is yearning for one of these devices
    01-28-2011 11:57 PM
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