1. BeeRad#IM's Avatar
    I love TiPb because you guys are like my 2nd family! DUH! And I've been counting down the ticking nuclear bomb for some time now. Viva la ViPhone! {{{{{{{{BOOM!}}}}}}}}}
    01-11-2011 11:03 PM
  2. rayman21186's Avatar
    I'd love to win the iPhone because I already have verizon and I'm tired of my BlackBerry 8530 and I'm also tired of using my iPod for everything! Having to be on wifi sucks! Tipb is awesome because you're always ahead of the curve When it comes to information. Its nice to have one place to go for all the ios info you can stand! iPhone please!!!!!!
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    01-11-2011 11:03 PM
  3. Fonzman1984's Avatar
    Tipb has been a great source for me ever since I got my first iPhone; the iPhone 3G in 2008. I was an iPhone newbie at the time, and Tipb's tips, guides, and reviews have made me an iPhone and iPad expert! I actually give a lot of credit to Tipb for supplying me with the knowledge base that in 2010, helped me land a position in an Apple Retail store which I love!
    Thanks Tipb!
    Keep up the great work!

    Loyal Tipb fan.
    01-11-2011 11:04 PM
  4. ptownprincess09's Avatar
    I've been checking TiPb every day for news regarding the iPhone, even though I am on Verizon and couldn't have one. I kept coming back because of the quality and reliability of the info received. You guys rock! Keep up the great work!
    01-11-2011 11:05 PM
  5. qnelson#IM's Avatar
    Just joined TiPB. Got the tip to come here from Android Central.
    01-11-2011 11:08 PM
  6. Bluecanary's Avatar
    I love TiPb so much because I love apple products! All I have now is an old iPod touch, because AT&T isn't in Montana. Reading about iPads and iPhones is very enjoyable to me, and TiPb provides not only information about them, but interesting stories and polls too! Reading TiPb has been a very wonderful ride so far, and its become a part of my daily schedule. thank you!
    01-11-2011 11:10 PM
  7. Agent Y's Avatar
    I love tipb soooo much because they provide me all the details of the phone I coveted so much but could never have but have always envied. So heres to hoping I win!
    01-11-2011 11:12 PM
  8. diggitydigs's Avatar
    I neeeeeeeddd an iPhone. I own Apple everything at my apartment and this would complete the set haaaa
    01-11-2011 11:13 PM
  9. thedoubler55's Avatar
    Thank you TiPb for all you do each and every day! Your fast and precise posts each day keeps me in the loop. I think you guys are the best tech site out there bar none! Thank you again for being great and being apart of my day, always!!!!
    01-11-2011 11:13 PM
  10. GolpherZX's Avatar
    TiPb has solid stories, the user community isn't all just one set of fanboys, and welcomes iPhones from all carriers. Nice place to be.
    01-11-2011 11:14 PM
  11. iPhone4Jay's Avatar
    I would love a FREE Verizon iPhone 4

    Love the TiPb Staff! I follow them all on twitter. Not only are they knowledgeable but they all down to earth as well.

    Thanks for all these giveaways.
    **Fingers Crossed**
    01-11-2011 11:14 PM
  12. fire_storm1029's Avatar
    a verizon iphone4 would be awesome! pick me!!!
    01-11-2011 11:14 PM
  13. Taco50's Avatar
    I've loved tipb.com ever since I got my iPhone and found this website. I visit the website daily to catch up on iPhone and Apple gossip and info. Most recently I love the daily tips you give out. The website also has a great community. I'm super excited about the Verizon version of the phone and hope to get my hands on one.
    01-11-2011 11:16 PM
  14. starbai's Avatar
    My one stop shop for all my gadgets, whats NOT to love about TiPb?
    01-11-2011 11:17 PM
  15. djayme7's Avatar
    they are the bestest ever!
    01-11-2011 11:19 PM
  16. scottdx's Avatar
    For years I have followed TIPB, I own and IPOD Touch (every generation), and have longed for an Iphone. I live in an area that AT&T will not service. This has been a heartbreaking barrier for me and my wish to get to experience what so many others have enjoyed for years now.

    Through this time I have followed TIPB, grabbing every morsel of information about the Iphone and IPAD. You guys have seriously kept my hopes up and kept me interested in this technology for so long now, its almost surreal that I will actually be able to obtain an Iphone! It will make me just that much more of a loyal follower!

    Thanks again TIPB for keeping us all so very well informed!

    Scott, In AT&T-less West Texas
    01-11-2011 11:21 PM
  17. middle8media's Avatar
    10 reasons why I love TiPB...

    1. Because you guys rock
    2. Best iPhone news on the World Wide Web
    3. Free Entertainment
    4. Consistent updates and news that fulfills my iPhone fix
    5. Awesome Gear
    6. Great Contests
    7. Amazing podcasts
    8. etc...
    9. etc...
    10 etc...

    Seth Hall
    01-11-2011 11:23 PM
  18. OxMuzzle's Avatar
    I would love to have an iPhone on Verizon. I listen to the podcast every week twice a week and think its by far the most informative/non boring iphone cast out there. I also am in a total ATT deadzone that gets perfect Verizon coverage. I would talk and surf the web at the same time if i could actually get a signal out here.
    01-11-2011 11:23 PM
  19. iamtone's Avatar
    i love to win the new Verizon Iphone... im leaving android.. and winning an iphone would b icing on the cake!
    01-11-2011 11:25 PM
  20. t_williams9476's Avatar
    I have been with Verizon for a long time, and have been a long time Apple addict! I have been waiting for Verizon to get the iPhone since the beginning, and a free Verizon iPhone would be the perfect start!
    01-11-2011 11:26 PM
  21. sweez4's Avatar
    I really need a replacement for my storm 2!
    New to tipb but already really impressed with all the info. Thanks for the contest!
    01-11-2011 11:28 PM
  22. jugarte77's Avatar
    I love TiPb becouse of Georgia. Plain and Simple!!

    You asked... I answered!

    Juan Ugarte
    01-11-2011 11:29 PM
  23. Dwight#IM's Avatar
    Because you guys have the best website on the planet!!!!!!!
    01-11-2011 11:29 PM
  24. txa1265's Avatar
    I really like the exchanges between Renee and Georgia on TiPb TV - and the cool geek-wear
    01-11-2011 11:32 PM
  25. chrisdeckard#IM's Avatar
    TiBp.com is the first on my list for iPhone news. So obviously, since you are first, I should win!
    01-11-2011 11:33 PM
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