1. deviladv's Avatar
    ...the pink fuzzy bunny phone!

    Here's a thread where you can post just how much it would royally suck if everyone was wrong and there is no Verizon iPhone today.
    01-11-2011 09:24 AM
  2. Blackcash's Avatar
    That's funny because I was thinking the same thing.
    01-11-2011 09:28 AM
  3. TheProfessor's Avatar
    Yeah, they are probably going to be announcing new price increases and capped data packages.
    01-11-2011 10:03 AM
  4. iEther21's Avatar
    if they just announce something about their new every 2 changes and their network...they will be on alot of peoples sh!* list
    01-11-2011 10:44 AM
  5. Gooster's Avatar
    I'm suddenly reminded of this summit I had to go to in high school with all the other state-wide students who had made NHS and the people who organized it made a big deal about raffling off a Mercedes and it ended up being like a die-cast model of a Mercedes. lol
    01-11-2011 10:57 AM
  6. jdavis530's Avatar
    its official. they announced the iphone 4 on verizon.
    01-11-2011 11:12 AM
  7. uhanrodric's Avatar
    Droid vx2500 1/2.
    01-11-2011 11:17 AM
  8. kch50428's Avatar
    $199 for the 16GB, $299 for 32GB -- mobile hotspot included! Up to 5 devices.

    "On February 3rd our existing customers will have an opportunity to pre-order... on February 10th, everyone will be able to order online, in stores, or in Apple stores."
    01-11-2011 11:19 AM