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    I'm currently holding off buying an iPad as I'm hoping to get the iPad 2 (with Facetime) but I'm trying to work out how I can set things up to work with my Mac and iPhone.... a few suggestions would greatly help.

    Here is what I want;

    > To connect my Mac to my TV and my desktop HDD (with my iTunes lib on) and leave it on permanently as a kind of server.

    > Use my iPad as a remote client for the 'server' and access all of the functions of the Mac without actually being sat in front of it.

    > Use the iPhone when out and about to connect to the Mac (to set ISO downloads going or check download status' etc)

    I've already got all the cables for the TV and stuff and will obviously need the Mac to set up/sync/back up both the iPhone and the iPad but I'm looking for an App or set of apps to do this with.

    I don't mind spending money on Apps if they are proven to work and I'm already a user of Dropbox and Quick Office, i'm looking for more of a remote desktop App. I already use LogMeIn with work but am looking for something new and exciting.

    Thanks all
    01-06-2011 07:35 PM