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    My daughter will be studying in Australia for approximately 18 months, starting in February, 2011. We're trying to determine her best smart phone option for Australia. Can folks tell me:

    1--Is it better to purchase a used iphone in the US on ebay or similar, then have it unlocked in Australia and use it with an Australian Carrier or better to purchase it in Australia through an Australian carrier?

    2--About how much does it cost to purchase an iphone in Australia as part of a plan? Similar to US prices?
    a--Note: I've been told that she might have a problem getting a phone on a plan for less than 24 months and also may not be able to do it w/o a credit check which she won't have within Australia--can anyone verify?

    3--Approximately what are Australian monthly costs with data plans? Does anyone have a recommendation on 1-2 carriers to consider? She will be in Melbourne.

    4--Leaving aside issues of functionality/user preference etc, is there any reason to prefer a Droid or Symbian smart phone to an Iphone in terms of cost or ease of use in Australia?
    12-28-2010 08:34 AM

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