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    hi there,
    just bought a jailbroken unlocked iphone off craigslist. im completely new to iphones mind you, been a pre user(sorry haha). anyways i cluelessly decided to restore the iphone just to get whatever was left on there off(not really considering it was jailbroken and unlocked). now when i try to restore and update on itunes i get different errors 1015, some error saying turn off my firewall and a bunch of other oness i cant rememeber. basically its telling me im trying to downgrade my firmware or something. ive downloaded a couple of versions and nothingsd working. im not really sure what to do or wat im talking about but decided to come on here before i take it into someone and spend money. any information or point me in the right direction. ive searched the forums a bit but noti really sure wat im searching for.... anyways thanks!
    12-26-2010 03:49 PM
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    First off, what kind of OS are you running, Mac OS, Windows etc ?
    12-27-2010 12:50 AM
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    figured it out thanks!


    hi, im running windows 7... so i did a bit of research and i got the phone back up and running its just not unlocked anymore. so im trying to unlock my phone. im at this stage

    3. Run PwnageTool to create a custom 4.1 IPSW. Tell it you want to use the iPad baseband you just downloaded. Restore to this custom IPSW.

    as i understand that pwnagetool is for macs only? so what program can creat a custom ipsw for me. im also confused on the part where it tells me to install ultrasnow through cydia... i cant seem to find ultrasn0w anywhere, just an option to install cydia with this redsn0w program i have..

    hope this all makes sense haha. thanks for the reply!@
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    12-28-2010 07:01 PM