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    I have 3gs thats jailbroken and unlocked on tmobile. If I restore,will I my jailbreak? I hoping restoring will get back to regular settings. Im looking for simplest solution. Any suggestions from anyone? Please help!!!
    12-22-2010 01:28 PM
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    If you mean your phone volume is low at the moment and will a restore help it. Maybe if you have a software issue. But try this first as I had this problem the other day. It only affected me when the headphones were plugged in though but was still a similar issue.

    Go to settings >> ipod >> volume limit (may say on but wants to say off) >> Unlock the volume limit and push the slider right up

    This sorted my issues out when my headphones were inserted for all media playing aspects and even how loud the calls were. I assume it will raise the volume when headphones are not inserted as well.

    Hope that helps
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    12-23-2010 06:17 AM