1. tnjreese's Avatar
    I just upgraded to an iPhone 4 and also picked up an iFrogz case for it along with some screen protectors for the AT&T store. I now notice that every once in awhile my accelerometer gets stuck. I have tried rebooting the phone and it remains stuck. The only way I have found to fix it is to take the case off and put it back on again. The accelerometer seems to function perfectly as soon as I do that (and if I leave the case off all together.

    Has anyone else seen this behavior? Should I be taking this phone back and getting a new one ASAP? Just wondering what experiences other have had...
    12-22-2010 07:47 AM
  2. aimetti's Avatar
    mine just started doing this after the 4.1.2 update
    i dont want to update to 4.2 cause of jailbreak but pretty sure thats the cause.
    12-22-2010 08:04 AM

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