1. Mike james's Avatar
    Okay, I got my iphone and bought my music for it on the phone. well Im trying to put the music on to my computer. When i try to sync it it told me it will erase all my music on my iphone HELP!
    12-21-2010 03:42 AM
  2. pizzafootbal's Avatar
    How did you get the music on your phone in the first place? If it came from another computer then you should just put all the music files in a dropbox, but 4media should work for you just fine.
    12-21-2010 09:48 AM
  3. anon(4698833)'s Avatar
    First, we need to know if you're using the same email account on your computer (iTunes) than you are on your iPhone's iTunes account...

    If you are using the same account on both, the answer is simple...

    Go to iTunes, connect your iPhone...then go to "File" and select "Transfer purchases from ___".

    12-21-2010 10:24 AM
  4. Jayhoffa's Avatar
    Copytrans manager works for me
    12-21-2010 11:06 AM