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    I have a 2G Iphone which has been jailbroken, unlocked and is running on version 3.0.0 software. I am using the phone on Virgin who provides a facility to view recent calls. From this I have discovered that the phone is somehow connecting to the internet via Virgin - even though wifi is available - and will try to connect every 15 minutes or so until I switch the phone off and restart it again. At first I thought it may be an app but all have been removed now and I am operating with the facilities provided with the basic phone. Can anybody help or throw any light as to who or what is doing this ?
    12-13-2010 05:57 PM
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    Guess the 1st question is... How did you discover it is connecting to Virgin? I assume you are in the US as well?
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    12-14-2010 04:45 AM
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    Thanks for the reponse DPSCOTT. I am in the UK and Virgin - or should I say Virginmobile - is the company in the UK who povides my mobile phone service.
    12-14-2010 11:41 AM
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    Ah ok that makes it a bit easier as I'm Vodafone in the UK. 1st thing to note is you should update to the latest firmware for the 2G (3.1.3) and there is a pretty good unlock/jailbreak tutorial here for both windows and mac iClarified - Unlock Wizard for iPhone

    Maybe this alone will fix the problem?

    Can you also answer these questions (will help work out whats the problem. then we can work on a fix)

    1) Can you connect to other Wi-Fi routers without it dropping out?
    2) What type of Wi-Fi are you connecting to? (Home or public like Starbucks or The Cloud)
    3) Do you want it to connect to internet via Virgin at all? (like when out in town)
    12-15-2010 04:37 AM