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    Things you will need to have installed before installing Cydia:

    1. iFile – found in Cydia
    2. Open SSH – found in Cydia

    1. Download the .deb file here.
    2. SSH the file from your computer to anywhere in your iPhone filesystem.
    3. Open iFile and open the location where you saved the .deb file.
    4. Tap the .deb file and press Install.
    5. Now respring your iDevice .
    6. Pow…! You are now rocking the New Cydia!


    [NOTE: If you have Safari Download Manager you can download the Cydia .deb that way and then you can skip the OpenSSH step and install in seconds ]

    [NOTE#2: If you have NoCyFresI4 it WILL stop working ! Reinstalling it WILL CAUSE CYDIA TO CRASH !!! Reinstall Cydia via iFile n forget bout NoCyFresh ]

    For more information go to Tutorial/Guide: How to download and install new cydia » Iphone Unlock Jailbreak Downloads Activate Hack Tools Application Games - Iphone Downloads For You
    12-04-2010 05:50 AM