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    Let me start by saying the Incredible is a great phone.

    As far as iPhone capabilities go the iPhone is no better or worse than any other phone on the market. It has 3G, Bluetooth, can send SMS/MMS, takes a bloody good picture and most importantly... makes and receives calls.

    The reason we all love our iphones is the Apps and the freedom/productivity it provides. I can update my facebook/twitter profiles in a single app and can also RDP to my works computers whilst on the train between offices.

    I know this is possible on a Droid and have seen it work well but because the App Store offers a unified collection of app you can pretty much guarantee it will work.

    Apple say 'there's an app for just about anything' and to be honest they are wrong... there is an app for EVERTHING!

    Now I have an iphone I wouldn't switch back.... neither would anyone else here!
    12-03-2010 09:37 AM
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    Why do you consider it just an app launcher? It makes calls, texts, emails, takes pics.....just like your phone.
    12-03-2010 09:59 AM
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    Well, the op means that a launcher is all the home/core ui is, and he's pretty much right. There r as many launcher pages as u need, plus a search page, and a line launcher for your dock and another for fast app switching, plus a few controls to the left of that, with notifications that pop up ontop of all that. An app launcher keeps the core ui simple for people who want it that way, and I dont mind it. The added functionality is in the apps themselves, and you can do almost anything with those, with the plethora of api's apple provides. But if apps arnt fast enough for you, the other platforms offer widgets, drop lists for notifications, etc.

    Now if the op is asking what iOS comes with stock, then there are the first page of included apps, which are your setting for hardware and how the os behaves, another for Internet, another for phone, etc. So yes it has everything you'd expect from a phone through its included apps (which is actually how most other smart os' do it also) plus the store for more, which provide their own ui to expand functionality. Just no android styled widgets, lists, wp7 hubs, tiles, or webos cards in the core ui

    I'm working with a pure iPad here, so I don't know everything about the phone or what else u can get frm jailbreaking
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    You've had a BB and Android device. The iPhone is the same thing. I'm sitting at work waiting for a program to finish loading on my computer and I'm typing this post on my iPhone. So they all do the same things some just have different features, different levels of polish on the OS, different hardware available. So if you know those smartphones you know what an iPhone is at it's base. Everyone is diffeerent and will go with their personal preference. What is the iPhone it is one peice of hardware instead of a million different models. The hardware changes over the years but the way you use it stays the same just with added features. If you want to know the difference between the platforms there are threads on here that discuss all of that.
    12-03-2010 11:06 AM
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    lol...you've got to be kidding me. Yeah, im gonna be that guy, and i'm going to ask why on EARTH you joined an iPhone community to ask what else the iPhone is besides an "app launcher". Come on man, you're obviously a happy droid user, was your intention really to find out why the iPhone "works best for us" or was it to take a little indirect pot shot and then cover that stink up with the facade of a guy just trying to make conversation?

    Sorry bud, and i'm sure you'll retort with how im closed minded and some fan boy and blah blah blah...but the honest truth is, when you have a person who comes on an iPhone forum, who doesnt own an iphone, and then compares it to their droid by saying the iphone is simply an app launcher...what is it they say about walking and quacking like a duck? There you have it.

    As far as your question about apps...how is that ANY different than the phone or message center on your phone? Its all programs running in the operating system...call them by whatever name you want (Widget, app, program, koala bear), its the same stuff. By your logic, EVERY smart phone is, at its core, simply an app launcher, that's what all these things are on these phones, applications for various functions.

    If you come into a room and call someone a ****** bag, just because you put a smile on your face and a warm, friendly tone to your voice doesnt take away that you called that person a ****** bag. Apply same logic here and understand why your post required this response.
    12-03-2010 04:53 PM
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    If you're going to throw flames, I'll ban you quickly so we'll move on.

    The iPhone 4 is an app launcher, the same as a pc is an app launcher, or a Mac is an app launcher. I'm not sure why you chose that terminology, but if you can view a pc as an app launcher then why not. After all, a pc doesn't do anything without apps either, right? You use a pc for Word (an app), for web browsing (a variety of apps), for instant messaging (an app)...you get the picture.

    So yes, we are all here because we have tried other devices (for some of us, many other devices with many platforms), and we found this one to do what we want, do it best, and do it most easily.

    Perhaps you'd like to rephrase your question? What is it you are looking for, exactly? Do you want to know what it is we prefer about the iPhone to a particular other phone (or platform)? Do you want to know why we like the feel?
    12-03-2010 06:11 PM
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    Oh...and there's the name calling. Who saw that coming? lmao.

    Sorry sweetheart, but when you come into a thread and a person basically makes pot shots on the phone the ENTIRE COMMUNITY is based on, but masks it with this "Hey guys, i just want to talk about cell phones" facade, what do you expect.

    Now you make the comment about how "as a person who hasnt owned one" but you said yourself that you had an iPhone previously and returned it...so which is it bud? The iPhone 4 and the iPhone 3GS arnt substantially different enough to where a person who owned the 3GS would be completely baffled and lost as to its functionality...come on man, who are you trying to kidd here?

    I'm completely sharp with the technology, capabilities and usefulness of my iPhone 4, otherwise i wouldnt have bought it. There was nothing to be right or wrong about on your part, i personally wont spend the time reciting specs on a phone that a person comes in on their first post and calls "basically a glorified app launcher"...that's what you said right? Thank you.

    Here's how your comment started in a cliff notes form...(and feel free to correct me if im wrong but that wont happen because im going by EXACTLY what you said yourself)

    - "Hey guys, i think the iPhone is a glorified app launcher and little more...sure it has some gimmicks to make it appeal to some, but my droid has "x" and "x" and "x" which i think is better...PROVE ME WRONG."

    ...random responses...

    - "Well honestly, no offense but even the basic functions of the iPhone are apps, so again, how is this thing anymore than simply an app launcher? btw...my droid can do "x" and "x" and "x", but you guys have a nice screen.
    ...the only thing i omitted from that was the lipstick you put on it to make it seem like you wanted to have a warm and fuzzy convo.

    Here's a bit of advice for you...as i would expect any person who is seasoned in the exquisite art of posting on a specified product forum community...if you want to have a convo about a product that the community is based on, it's prob not the best idea to start the convo by take a pot shot at the product...if you were, in fact, simply here to learn more about the product itself (which i still doubt whole heartedly), it's almost common sense to think "I'll simply ask what they like about the iPhone and say im a droid user but i want to compare and contrast..."

    Your post is like me walking into a car show featuring japanese cars in a mustang GT, walking up to a big group and going "Yeah, i hear these things are pretty much show cars with nothing more than a weed whacker at the heart of them, my mustang has 400hp and gets me laid...so what makes you like these rice rockets so much?"

    You know...just for conversations sake.
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    Wow, some people get really defensive...

    Anyway, OP, for me iOS just offers a level of polish that's far beyond what any android phone can offer. The notification system on android is pretty good though I think webOS notifications are the best, but improved notifications will come later and to be honest the current solution doesn't actually bother me much at all in my daily life.

    Apple's control over apps offers protection from malicious software, battery wasters, and just overall terrible apps that the android market is littered with. Now you could think of apple's approval process as a negative point, which it is sometimes, but overall it's been highly effective in providing a good user experience.

    On the "app launcher" side of things, iOS has widgets. There's a useful search widget, multitasking widget, audio control widget, orientation lock widget, and airplay/volume control widgets... They simply don't allow third party apps to build battery suckers for your home screen. Sure a big clock looks pretty, but what other purpose does it serve? The time is right there in the status bar. And other widgets are basically extremely limited apps that you can't do anything meaningful with and sit there wasting processor power and battery all day. Live wallpapers can get jumpy as hell on every device I've tested including the galaxy tab, and all the different flavours of android have lead to some pretty nasty fragmentation issues.

    An iPhone is a safer purchase. You'll get software upgrades for 3 years consisting of whatever new capabilities your hardware is able to utilize. And in a timely fashion, too. Aside from that you'll also (in most cases) be able to get a new upgrade price for the next iPhone and sell your old iPhone to make a profit each year on upgrades. Not to mention Apple's awesome warranty program. I'd like to see you take an X10 into a Sony store and walk out in 40 minutes with a new one free of charge.

    That's just my take on all this.
    12-03-2010 07:49 PM
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    I was defensive...i dont deny it. I just hate trolls in sheep's clothing, trying to make BS threads...sorry.
    12-03-2010 07:53 PM
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    Nothing like getting both barrels at once! That was some great reading.
    12-03-2010 08:58 PM
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    Healthy choice cafe steamers. It's what's for dinner.
    12-03-2010 09:33 PM
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    I can update my facebook/twitter profiles in a single app
    What app do you use?

    Anyway. Bickering aside, the iPhone is no different from any other smartphone on the market. Its a phone, that has internet and e-mail and apps. Its just Apple's version. Pretty much the only one that keeps it simple. (With may be android in second and blackberry in last place. I have not use WP7, Web OS or any other one, but I'm sure they have some learning curve)

    and there is no widgets on the iPhone. Widgets (that CAN be turned off with a simple tap, so don't let that fool you) would be something like this (on the iPad at least)

    The search screen is just that. The screen. You can't move them around or remove them. They are just there whether you like them or not.

    Also I consider a widget to work with an existing app and provide news feeds. (So, the "facebook widget" will be on a home screen and provide at a glance status updates from your friends. Much like WP7 is. No need to go in to the app
    12-03-2010 09:40 PM
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    Um, that depends how YOU define "widget". To me, the things I described are definitely widgets. And when the iPhone was announced, Steve Jobs defined the calculator, stocks, and weather apps as "widgets".
    12-04-2010 12:47 AM
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    Um, that depends how YOU define "widget". To me, the things I described are definitely widgets. And when the iPhone was announced, Steve Jobs defined the calculator, stocks, and weather apps as "widgets".
    What Steve jobs defines in one product, and in another are two different things.
    12-04-2010 01:10 AM
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    My point is that there is no set definition of widgets when it comes to mobile OSes. According to Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple and creator of the iPhone and iOS, the weather, calculator, and stocks apps ARE widgets.
    12-04-2010 01:40 AM
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    My point is that there is no set definition of widgets when it comes to mobile OSes. According to Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple and creator of the iPhone and iOS, the weather, calculator, and stocks apps ARE widgets.
    I don't care what that man says. My point is, he can be very contradicting when it comes to platforms and such. on OSX the widgets are not full page views and are not stuck in one spot. Thats the point I'm tring to make. Clearly you are one of those who think hes "god"
    12-04-2010 02:10 AM
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    I don't care what that man says. My point is, he can be very contradicting when it comes to platforms and such. on OSX the widgets are not full page views and are not stuck in one spot. Thats the point I'm tring to make. Clearly you are one of those who think hes "god"
    Why the personal shot? I, to a point, agree with him in that widgets arnt a defined element, and that some may consider many of the things the iPhone offers as "widgets", even if you define the term differently...not to mention the fact that, regardless of the stuck nature of the hack on an iPhone, many of the "widgets" on a droid or other phones are available (weather, clock, messages).
    12-04-2010 09:13 AM
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    Chris, I was providing an example of the fact that there isn't a set definition for widgets. I don't think Steve Jobs is "god", but I also don't mindlessly hate him simply because he's a human being. Among online tech communities, Apple and Steve Jobs have a lot more haters than supporters... Clearly you're one of those haters who thinks they're so "unique".
    12-04-2010 10:06 AM
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    I like rainbows
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    Double rainbows?

    All the way.
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    Wooooooahhhhh change of subject! Oh my god OH MY GOD!

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